Winter 2015 Elections Candidates

Hi Tigers!
I’m pleased to announce your 22 candidates for the upcoming USG Winter 2015 Elections!
Your Candidates
Read the profile of all candidates attached on this e-mail! Voting begins on November 23rd!
  • Aleksandra Czulak ’17
  • Grant Golub ’17 
  • Simon Wu ’17
Vice President: 
  • Jeremy Burton ’18
  • Shobhit Kumar ’18
  • Hunter Dong ’17
Academics Committee Chair:
  • Patrick Flanigan ’18
  • David Landeta ’18
  • Shannon Osaka ’17
Campus and Community Affairs Committee Chair: 
  • Michael Cox ’17
Social Committee Chair:
  • Lyon Aung ’18 
  • Rachel Park ’18
University Student Life Committee Chair:
  • Jenny Zhang ’18
Class of 2017 Senator: 
  • Kishan Bhatt ’17 
  • Cailin Hong ’17
Class of 2018 Senator: 
  • Paul Draper ’18
Class of 2019 Senator: 
  • Ruby Guo ’19
  • Wesley Johnson ’19
  • Chris Kellogg-Peeler ’19
  • Andrew Ma ’19
  • Kai Xin Tai ’19
  • Sarah Varghese ’19
Check the USG website before voting to get an update on penalty points candidates have received for campaign violations. We will update our website with this information before voting begins. 
If you have any questions or concerns about the election, please contact Chief Elections Manager Sung Won Chang ’18 (
Good luck to our candidates!
~ Ella
See the candidate profiles packet HERE.
See the candidate penalty points tally spreadsheet HERE.
You can also visit for information about this election.
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