Cane Spree

In 1865, the upperclassmen deemed the freshmen unfit to carry such canes and, in an act of awesome violence, attacked members of the freshman class, seizing their canes. Almost 150 years later, we have… Cane Spree.

What is Cane Spree 2012?

Don’t worry freshmen, this event is no longer a chance for sophomores to beat you down! Instead, it’s a chance to celebrate Princeton Athletics by meeting and hanging out with varsity and club athletes. They will be hosting 20+ activities for sophomores and freshmen to compete in, and the running score will be broadcasted on the stadium’s jumbotron.

This year we will have a DJ, inflatables, and free t-shirts on top of all those activities, so come out to Princeton Stadium to have a good time with your friends! Not to mention win Cane Spree for your class – last year the sophomores ’14 won, so the title’s up for grabs! After tallying up the points your class has won in the activities throughout the night, the competition will be capped off in a culminating match of cane wrestling at 8pm, which may make or break it.

Come rep your class. Come win a t-shirt. Come to Cane Spree 2012!

[No meals will be served in the dining halls or at late meal, so make sure you bring your prox to swipe for food.]