Other Sources of Funding

Here are the spark notes descriptions of some key funding sources outside of the USG Projects Board, but make sure to follow the links to the official deadlines and rules for eligibility.


Alcohol Initiative: event must be on a Thursday, Friday or Saturday night
between 10pm and 2am, events that coincide with events that are typically
associated with alcohol consumption are also considered

Academic Departments: work with the academic department manager, each has
its own deadline

College Community Fund: creative events or initiatives that foster meaningful
interactions across colleges and/or classes. They should be college-focused and
be inclusive of multiple classes, colleges, and genders.

Princeton Student Events Committee: supports events through securing venues, marketing, and funding, that will help fulfill ODUS’s mission to create an inviting, inclusive community that celebrates diversity and encourages collaboration. Programs must be open and accessible to all members of the University and provide a positive learning and/or social experience.

  • Deadline: Proposals should be submitted while the event is still in its planning stages, to increase extent of collaboration.
  • Official Page Here: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/Q2RXCQ6

High Meadows Foundation Sustainability Fund: proposals for startup support of
sustainability initiatives using the campus as a living laboratory

Pace Council for Civic Values: supports civic engagement activity that cannot obtain funding through the USG Projects Board. Funding may be allocated to recognized student groups planning an off-campus event, or to unrecognized groups of students planning an on or off-campus event.