What is USG?
Princeton USG is a student group, further divided into the senate and the class government, that works closely with university administrators to bring important services to the student body. We coordinate the yearly summer storage program, create websites to streamline your Princeton experience, and organize the semiannual event Lawnparties! Most importantly, USG helps register new student groups and distribute university funds for projects all over campus.

What does USG do?
Anything you, the constituent, feels is important! We want what you want and are open to any/all suggestions. The magic doesn’t happen on our own. In fact, without you it doesn’t happen at all. Princeton USG is involved with numerous projects at all times, ranging from the small (getting you discounts from your favorite froyo stores) to the large (talking to businesses about loaning out bikes to everyone on campus).

What has USG done so far?
In short, a lot. USG pioneered a new generation of technologies and services, all for the the student body. From website such as the Integrated Course Engine to the Princeton iPhone app, USG has done its best to provide useful programs to every laptop, smartphone and computer on campus. From a services standpoint, we organize charitable study breaks, fun trips off-campus and provide the Dean’s Date fanfare that marks the end of another semester.

What’s the difference between USG senate and class government?
The USG Senate, which is the main body of the USG, represents the entire student body. On the other hand, the class government is responsible for fostering class pride and unity and throws events to achieve these goals.

How are these different parts organized?
Class government is fairly straightforward. Each class has 5 officers: President, Vice President, Treasurer, Social Chair, and Secretary.

Senate is anything but. The USG Senate is divided into three areas: the executive committee, the U-Council, and class senators. The USG executive committee is made up of the President, Vice President, Treasurer, Executive Secretary, Communications Director, and the chairs of the core committees. The core committees are Academics, Social, Undergraduate Life (ULC), and Campus and Community Affairs, and the IT Committee.

In addition, the U-Council chair and another U-Councilor designated to serve as a representative are part of the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee sets the agenda for the weekly senate meetings, has the power to approve or reject appointments made by any member of the USG Senate, and has the power to establish ad-hoc committees.U-Councilors sit on the Council of the Princeton University Community (CPUC), the most comprehensive group of administrators, faculty, and students, and serve as liaisons to various administrative departments. Class Senators are representatives to the USG Senate from their respective classes and work on the USG’s primary projects.

What special services has the USG provided in the past?

What new plans are being organized right now?

How do I make a student group?

How do I fund a project?

How do I make an amendment to the USG charter/constitution?

Just who are these crazy kids anyway?