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Gender Inclusive Housing Policy Proposal up for vote in the USLC

The University Student Life Committee (USLC) includes faculty, various administrators, and undergraduate and graduate students. Jenny Zhang ’18 is the current undergraduate USLC chair and co-chair of the University Student Life Committee with the graduate USLC chair and VP of Campus Life Rochelle Calhoun. Here is a link to the current USLC members. On Wednesday, […]

Letter to the Editor: Why should you run for the USG Senate?

It is truly a community effort to make this University a safe, healthy, engaging, and enriching place for all students. USG Senate members are driven by the desire to make a positive impact on our campus community on a variety of different issues. And of all the student groups on campus, we can make it […]

Welcome to the USG Blog!

Welcome to the USG blog! Each week there will be a live update of USG Senate projects and committee updates. This part of the website will be more live and updated than other parts of the website.