There are two main ways to get involved in USG: through elected positions or appointed positions. USG elections occur three times a year, in fall, winter, and spring. For the freshmen class, there is a special election early in the year to elect class officers for the first time. Then in November, the majority of the USG Executive Committee is elected, which includes the President, Vice President, Treasurer, and all of the core committee chairs. Two class senators from each of the freshmen, sophomore, and junior classes are elected in the winter election as well. In the spring elections, the 10 U-Councilors and class government officers are elected. A general elections timeline is below:

          Sept.-Oct.                                   Nov.-Dec.                                   April

Freshman Class Council              USG ExCom + Senators                 U-Councilors

You can also join USG through an appointed position. There are many appointed positions in a variety of areas, and the USG usually accepts applications in late December following elections. These positions include Projects Manager, Executive Secretary, IT Chair, Communications Director, Student Groups Liaison, and Elections Manager. In addition, the core committees accept new members who are appointed by their respective chairs.

Finally, any student can get involved by coming to the weekly senate meetings in Frist or emailing someone already involved in the USG with an idea! We encourage all students to get involved and take a stake in student government at Princeton. The USG represents the voice of the student body, so let your voice be heard.

An infographic of the USG may be found here.