ICC Announces New Eating Club Admissions Process

Hi Tigers,

Important information from the ICC on new Eating Club Admissions Processes is copied below. Please read carefully and note that you can contact ICC President Alec Egan at acegan@princeton.edu for more information.

For Immediate Release

The Interclub Council (ICC) Announces New Synchronized Process for Eating Club Admissions Effective February 2013

Princeton, NJ – November 8, 2012 – The ICC has developed a process that will help students navigate the variety of options available to them through the Princeton Eating Clubs. This new process will involve better communication, an improved system for indicating club preferences, and synchronized admission notification.

The new admissions system will involve three primary changes:

  • First, all the eating clubs will provide more organized opportunities for underclassmen to get to know the clubs prior to selection to help them make a more informed decision. Clubs will host open house events, panels and other activities to allow students to learn more about the clubs.
  • Second, all of the eating clubs will synchronize the timeline and consolidate the information leading up to, during and after bicker week. This will include a new easy-to-use ICC website, which will serve as a central hub for information regarding club selection. All students who participate in the process will be informed of club decisions at the same time.
  • Last, Cannon Dial Elm Club, Cap and Gown Club, Charter Club, Cottage Club, and Tiger Inn will introduce a multi-club selection option in which students can choose to enter the admission process with up to two of these five clubs. At the end of the week, students will rank up to two selective clubs and any number of open clubs to which they would like to be admitted. These rankings and the clubs own selections will then be used to match up new members with the club that most closely meets their preferences. No advantage will be given to those who choose to seek admission from only one of these clubs.

The goal is to create a more holistic admission process that both increases the accessibility of the Street and decreases the stress surrounding selection. For students who have decided to join an open club and not participate in the selection process, Terrace F. Club, Colonial Club, Quadrangle Club, and Cloister Inn will maintain early admission sign-ins one week before bicker. As before, students bickering Ivy Club or Tower Club will have the option of also ranking any number of open clubs to which they would like to be admitted.

The ICC worked in cooperation with Princeton University and the GICC (Graduate Interclub Council) on these reform initiatives with the hope that they will promote a more positive eating club experience.

For more information contact ICC President Alec Egan at acegan@princeton.edu

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  1. William F. Robinson, III '51
    William F. Robinson, III '51 says:

    As an alumnus member of Quadrangle Club, I’m interested in the dates of the first and second round bicker and sign-ins in February, 2013. Please tell me when they are.
    Second, please also email me the text of the procedures for joining that are summarized above at your earliest convenience.
    Thank you.
    Bill Robinson


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