Spring 2013 Elections – Referendum

The following referendum is sponsored by Antonia Hyman, the Honor Committee Chair:

Click here for the summary of the changes, and here for the tracked changes in the Honor Code Constitution.

Proposed changes to the Honor Code Constitution:
Article I to be inserted as Section 8
Every year, the Committee shall publish aggregated, anonymous statistics for the last 5 years on the number of students reported to the Committee, the types of violations that are reported, the number of cases that go to hearing, and the respective outcomes of those cases.

Article III to be inserted as new Section 3
In cases of a student writing overtime on an examination or otherwise gaining a time advantage, the Committee will assess a punishment of academic probation and recommend that the student receive a zero for the examination. However, in especially egregious cases of writing overtime, the Committee shall assess a punishment of a one-year suspension.

For new Section 4 (previously Section 3)
Change “Under normal circumstances” to “In all other cases”