The following is a small selection of the many projects USG will be undertaking this semester. Feel free to send questions or suggestions to the project leaders listed below!

Academic Life

ALTA Implementation Committee: This team of USG members and appointed members of the student body will focus on implementing the recommendations of the ALTA report with a particular emphasis on Rescinding PDF’s and increasing the amount of information accessible through course reviews.

Contact Steven Rosen (srosen@) or John MacNamara (jjmcnama@) with feedback.

Improving Academic Services: This project’s goal is to create and connect students to services that enhance their academic experience. To this end, they hope to provide opportunities for students to submit suggestions for new courses and vote other ideas up or down. Working with administrators and OIT to improve the layout of SCORE and encourage the practice of putting practice/past exams on Blackboard.

Contact Shawon Jackson (shawonj@) with feedback.

Food and Dining

Food Committee: Responding to student interest, this team will tackle issues related to locations and eligibility for late meal, finding more affordable produce on campus, and encouraging healthier options in dining halls and cafes.

Contact Paul Riley (priley@) with feedback.

Restaurant Week: The Campus and Community Affairs Committee is working with restaurants in town to develop a week-long event, modeled after similar events in NY and other major cities, in which students can eat multi-course meals at substantially discounted prices.

Contact Carmina Mancenon (mancenon@) with feedback.

Taste of Prospect Plus: The goal of this project is to continue the successful Taste of Prospect event and expand the initiative by including Co-ops and independent students in order to introduce freshmen to eating options more broadly.

Contact Farrah Bui (fbui@) with feedback.

Student Health

Mental Health Initiative: Following up on the discussion raised by Mental Health Week last spring, this team will look to work with Counseling and Psychological Services to create an evaluation of student needs and perception of available campus resources. We also hope to strengthen the CPS Residential College Liaison program and increase accessibility to information about CPS resources.

Contact Elektra Alivisatos (ealivisa@) or Bruce Easop (beasop@) with feedback.

Sexual Culture: This team aims to create a dialogue about prevailing sexual norms on campus and the negative elements of the sexual culture while instilling a message of mutual respect and decency. This will feature a component geared towards males to encourage discussion of sexual and verbal abuse and harmful sexual culture in the male community.

Contact Gavin Cook (gcook@) with feedback.

UHS Online Scheduler: This team is interested in working with UHS to develop a resource where students can schedule appointments and see availability at McCosh Health Center from their computers.

Contact Zhan Okuda-Lim (okudalim@) with feedback.