USG Senate Fall 2016 Projects

Ancillary Senate Project Team

A group of Senate members dedicated to providing additional support to project teams, committees, task forces, and the creation of new projects

Kishan Bhatt, Myesha Jemison, Eli Schechner

USG Accountability Team

To conduct a more thorough analysis of the USG website, student-wide emails, teams structure and make recommendations for the good of the Senate and for the future of USG. Short-term 2.5 week project or to be determined.

Kishan Bhatt

Thanksgiving Busses

The mission of this project is to provide roundtrip competitively priced bus transportation to Hartford, CT, Boston, MA, Baltimore, MD, and Washington D.C. during Thanksgiving break.

Wendy Zhao, Andrew Ma

Gender Neutral Bathroom Project

This is a short-term project that aims to provide the student body with information regarding gender-neutral bathrooms.

Lucas Ramos

Task Forces

This project team will be lead by U-Council Chair, Pooja Patel and USG President, Aleksandra Czulak to provide support for previous USG task forces and to create new task forces on a range of campus initiatives such as dining.

Pooja Patel, Miranda Rosen, Lucas Ramos, Nick Wu, Michael Asparrin

Women’s Leadership Team

This team will work with USG President Aleksandra Czulak towards encouraging and supporting women leadership and leadership development in a multitude of ways.

Aleksandra Czulak, Ellie Shannon, Ruby Guo

Menstruation Products

This project is a long-term project that aims to implement a Princeton policy that provides free menstruation products for students in the restrooms campus wide. This project aims to promote tampons as not a luxury item but rather necessities that should be made available to all students. Moreover, USG recognizes the financial burden that the products may place on some students.

Cailin Hong, Wendy Zhao


The aim of Wintersession is to provide students, faculty, staff, and alumni with the platform and resources to engage in collective learning during intersession, especially on topics that are not otherwise promoted on campus. This project team will execute all of the planning for the program.

Myesha Jemison, Wendy Zhao, Daniel Qian

Princeton Campus Plan

Princeton University has begun to develop a new plan that will establish a framework to guide the evolution of the campus from 2016 through 2026, and beyond. It will be prepared with the assistance of a team of consulting designers, planners, architects, engineers and analysts. University representatives gave a status report (link is external) on the plan to town of Princeton residents, council members and planning committee members on Sept. 19, 2016.—>It’s important that students and USG understand how this could impact the future of the university and student life. The university has been sharing information with the town and other stakeholders. What about students? This is a short-term 3-week project that will first start with an analysis of important parts of the plan that will impact students, how to get student input and feedback, and breaking up into a few topic areas in the campus plan. *We need at least one member from each class: sophomore, junior, and senior class.

Ellie Shannon, Nick Wu, Ruby Guo

Princeton Strategic Plan

“In February 2016, Princeton University issued a strategic planning framework that identifies key goals and major priorities for the University and that will serve as a guide for allocating University resources and prioritizing new initiatives. The framework is a major milestone in a strategic planning process that has been organized around a set of key questions about challenges and opportunities facing the University.” —> It’s important that students and USG understand how this could impact the future of the university and student life. This is a short-term 3-week project that will also likely lead to more Senate projects (based on the Strategic Plan) for the second half of the semester. *We need at least one member from each class: sophomore, junior, and senior class.

Andrew Ma, Michael Asparrin, Pritika Mehra