Charter of the Undergraduate Film Organization

Of the Undergraduate Student Government Social Committee

Article I. Name

The name of the organization is heretofore known as the Undergraduate Film Organization (UFO), a subcommittee of the Princeton University Undergraduate Student Government Social Committee.

Article II. Purpose

As a subcommittee of the Undergraduate Student Government Social Committee, the purpose of the UFO is two-fold. First, it shall show recent blockbuster, second-run films at least 12 times throughout each semester with the goal of drawing as many students as possible. In this function, the Committee shall offer a reliable social option for students and the larger Princeton community. The second aim of the UFO is to make a concerted attempt to bring films beyond recent blockbusters to the Princeton campus. Ideally, the UFO will show older or lesser-known movies on a consistent basis. Further, our purpose is to foster interest in and availability of all genres of film on campus generally.

Article III. Members

The UFO shall consist of 10 members, whose terms shall last one year in length. They shall include a Committee Chair, Vice Chair, Finance Chair, Marketing Chair, Webmaster, Social Coordinator, Sneak-Preview Coordinator, Alternative Series Chair, and Inter-Organizational Liaison. The Chair of the USG Social Committee shall sit ex officio as a member of the UFO. The USG Social Chair shall have ultimate responsibility for the UFO, and is responsible , subject to the approval of the Senate, for appointing the UFO Chair(s) at the beginning of his or her term and under consideration of the out-going UFO Chair’s recommendations. Appointment of the remaining committee members shall be conducted via interview by the new Committee Chair(s), outgoing Committee Chair(s), USG Social Chair and USG President.

Section A. Duties of the Chairperson

The UFO Chairperson oversees all UFO operations, and ultimately reports to the USG Social Committee Chairperson. S/he determines and executes agenda for all UFO meetings, and strives to improve the UFO in the long term. It is the shared responsibility of the Chair and Vice-Chair to work at movie showings if no other members can work the show. The USG Social Chair may appoint two UFO Co-Chairs if s/he deems it necessary.

Section B. Duties of the Vice-Chair

The UFO Vice-Chair handles the week-to-week operational issues of the committee. S/he serves as the liaison between the film distributors and the UFO. In that capacity, s/he books films and ensures their timely arrival to campus. The Vice-Chair also arranges work schedules for other members. After consultation with the UFO Chair and the USG Social Chair, this person reserves the necessary venues for the academic year in late spring of the preceding year. It is the shared responsibility of the Chair and Vice-Chair to work at movie showings if no other members can work the show.

Section C. Duties of the Finance Chair

The Finance Chair deals with all financial aspects of the committee not handled by the USG Treasurer. While s/he does not have access to the subcommittee’s 541 account folder, s/he assures fidelity to the USG Budget, sets the UFO budget each semester, and issues semesterly financial reports on a timely basis in consultation with the USG Treasurer. In addition to the financial responsibilities, the Finance Chair must maintain records of those people who work UFO shows.

Section D. Duties of the Marketing Chair

The Marketing Chair coordinates all non-electronic UFO advertising. This includes, but is not limited to, weekly newspaper ads (Nassau or Daily Princetonian) and door-to-door schedules. These schedules are issued roughly three times per semester. This person also helps Sneak Preview Chair, Inter-Organizational Liaison, and Alternative Series Chair as necessary. This person markets the UFO in a consistent fashion to build a strong, recognizable, and reliable name.

Section E. Duties of the Webmaster

This person manages the committee’s website and constantly seeks to improve it. Central to his or her role is accurate and updated information. In addition, this person sends out weekly mass emails to advertise that week’s shows. The Webmaster also must update the UFO mailing list, adding and removing people as necessary.

Section F. Duties of the Social Coordinator:

The social coordinator arranges all necessary UFO member events each semester in an effort to encourage group cohesion. These events may include an inaugural event each year to encourage the various members of the UFO to interact on a social level, as well as any other similar such meetings as are necessary throughout the year.

Section G. Duties of the Sneak-Preview Coordinator

This person actively seeks out and arranges sneak previews. S/he is responsible for all paperwork, contracts, etc. related to that function. S/he shall furthermore establish enduring relationships with studios and marketing companies, to ensure a constant stream of previews. This person also books the necessary venue and arranges for projectionists, if necessary, for any sneak previews.

Section H. Duties of the Inter-Organizational Liaison

The Inter-Organizational Liaison is in charge of all events conducted in conjunction with other student organizations, and any other special events outside of sneak previews. This person must ensure that co-sponsored events occur at least twice semesterly.

Section J. Duties of the Alternative Series Chair

The Alternative Series Chair is in charge of the regular movies series run in addition to the main blockbuster movies by the committee. This person is responsible for arranging people to work the alternate series showings. It is the responsibility of this person to be present if no other member can work a show. While films will not be chosen solely by this person, it is his or her responsibility to present possible options for any series before the Chair, Vice Chair, and Social Committee Chair, all of whom shall ensuing make a group decision. This person works with other members of the committee to book the films and to promote the films through standard and electronic media.

Section K. General Membership in the Organization

General Members are defined to be anyone not a committee members above described who has worked two shows or more―blockbuster or otherwise―in the past calendar year. Working at least one show per month maintains a member’s active status in the UFO. Active status allows a member to receive one free ticket to any UFO show. Working a show entails arriving early to open the theatre, taking tickets, enjoying the movie, and doing a quick sweep for trash after the movie.

Members have first priority to sneak preview tickets or other special events. General members are also encouraged to submit suggestions for future film selections to the committee. At least one meeting per semester will be open to all members to encourage discussion about the committee.

Article IV. Powers and Responsibilities

It is the responsibility of the UFO to show popular, second-run, 35mm movies at least, but not limited to, once per week of each academic semester. The selection of these movies will reflect the tastes of the majority of Princeton students as closely as possible.

The UFO shall seek to be a consistent outlet of “other films” on campus. “Other films” include the so-called artistic films, older classics, independent/foreign films, or anything beyond recent blockbusters.

The UFO shall seek co-sponsorship of film showings with other PU student organizations. This allows the UFO to reach a broader audience and to bring movies to campus that otherwise may not be shown.

The UFO shall seek to show several sneak previews every semester.

Article V. Selection of Films

It is the Executive Board’s responsibility to select films for all regular (consistently run) film series, including the blockbuster series and any alternative series that may be run. The Sneak Preview Coordinator and Inter-Organizational Liaison can make independent decisions related to their respective positions. Any projects requiring large amounts of UFO resources should be approved by the membership as a whole.

In selecting films for all regular UFO series, a quorum of at least six committee members must be present. Every attempt should be made to have all committee members present for such big decisions. Films should be selected by discussion and general consensus.

If all members present cannot agree on one program of films, then a program/series must have the support of a clear majority of the members present. Separate votes will be taken for each individual series.

Article V. Amendments

This document may be amended or altered by a 2/3 vote of the Senate.