Meeting Minutes for October 21, 2012

Mr. Stolzenberg: We’re going to start the meeting now. Can everyone keep their laptop shut? Guests, please introduce yourselves.

I’m Brian Bernard, I’m standing in for Yifan Zhu.


I’m Kevin Zhang, I’m part of the Varsity Student Athlete Committee (last week, Jack Berger was here)


Mr. Easop: Welcome everyone. First up, let’s give a  huge congratulations to the Football team and other sports teams for dominating Harvard this weekend! So real quick, the first thing on our agenda is a brainstorm session for career services. We’re going to see if John can project some notes on the board as we’re talking, to keep track of the notes. Following up, we’ll talk about TigerRides, Month of Service, and some Elections Packet changes, because believe it or not, registration is starting after Fall Break. Does anyone have a motion to approve the minutes?


The motion passes.


Career Services


Mr. Jackson: The Career Services had a meeting with the director of Career Services, who told us about a mentorship program they’re looking to advance. Right now there is an alumni mentorship program, but it’s hard to find, and the director is looking to start a one-to-one program that lasts the whole year. She wants some student input to figure out logistics. I posed some questions at the end of the handout, and I’d like to discuss each one for a minute each. The first question: what do students want to get out this relationship with alumni?


Ms. Davoudiasl: Would it just be related to jobs or other post-graduate paths?


Mr. Jackson: Yes, other things, including grad-school.


Ms. Shen: I like hearing about alumni’s paths, versus just hearing them talk. Depending on the context of this relationship, it is important to wonder “Can they give me a job?”


Mr. Okuda-Lim: Two things I’m interested in: what professors the alumni suggest taking classes from, and also, what internships they’d advise getting.


Mr. Kugelmass: How to link this with Princetonships


Ms. Kim: Right now, it’s difficult to find the employer and company name because there are so many different names. If they can improve the search function, it’d be awesome.


Mr. Cook: It’d be cool to see a re-vamping of the “five year timeline” of where you are after five years? It’d be great to get profiles of smaller departments of where graduates end up 10, 20, 30 years down the line.


Mr. Easop: One suggestion to career services, it’d be a good idea to send out “best practices” to anyone who agrees to be a mentor. If we have a good idea of what students want to hear, then alumni should hear it.


Mr. Wagstaff: Let’s get some student feedback, maybe some surveys.


Ms. Kim: A lot of time, the mentoring programs are very long in horizon. I’d like to have key information from the website that gives me the time-horizon that this mentor is looking for. Will they get back to me in a week to give me information? Or will it be a longer mentorship?


Mr. Shawon: The second question is about pairing. They want to make a one-to-one program. What traits should be prioritized about the mentors?


Mr. Martens: I think it’s important to have people from similar backgrounds to be paired together. Like a trust-fund kid can’t be paired with a mentor from the inner-city. I’m talking about the socio-economic status.


Mr. Wagstaff: We should use the “OK-Cupid” website technique that matches people based on their personalities. I think personalities count just as much as career goals.


Ms. Davoudiasl: Is this something that mandatory or voluntary?


Mr. Jackson: I’ll talk about this later.


Mr. Sharp: I think extracurriculars are an important starting point. Eating clubs, dance groups.


Ms. Aliviatsos: I would be wary of including eating clubs, since you can already get those networks from an eating clubs.


Mr. Easop: For Princeton Preview, they have a section that asks you what you’d like, like “I want to be with someone who is a WWS major,” so they should include that.


Mr. Cook: I think a great thing would be a departmental connection, but I think undergraduates want different criteria. Why don’t we have a survey?


Mr. Shawon: The last major question is that they’re open about what the requirement would be, which would be anything from a one-time interaction to four times a semester. Anything about frequency of communication?


Mr. Kugelmass: I think it should be tailored to how much the alumni want to be involved?


Ms. Davoudiasl: I feel like if this is an institutionalized mentoring thing, then we should get alumni who want to come to campus.


Ms. Kim: I’ve been on a lot of mentorship programs, and it’s so easy to sign up and then so hard to send out emails to the alumni. We should come up with an incentive program to prod the undergraduates to reach out to alumni.




Mr. Kugelmass: Mr. Kugelmass: We’re looking to provide cheap transportation for Thanksgiving, which is an expensive time to travel. We’re definitely running buses to Washington and Boston again this year. Tickets will be online through University Ticketing. I’m letting you all know that this isn’t a funding request, but USG is floating the contract until students pay back the money. I’m wondering whether we should offer incentives for bus captains? I’m wondering whether we should return profits to students. And I’m also wondering what are additional destinations for winter break. Last year we had $2500 surplus.


Mr. Wagstaff: [Need rephrasing of this—something about raising prices for seats.]


Month of Service


Ms. Davoudiasl: USG is going to have another Month of Service, and we’re having it early in the year. Stephen met with the PCCV and we’re also going to have Residential Colleges, we’re going to have SVC promote Weekly service projects, class service projects, and a cool idea by Shirley Gao was to have Breakout trip post-trip activities so the whole student body can benefit.


Mr. Jackson: This will happen during the month of November. Last year we got money form the College Community Fund. We have $500, which is money enough for pizza and a trophy for the winning college. Two questions we want to hone in on: how can we promote sustainable civic engagement? And what ideas do you have for class-specific service projects?


Mr. Easop: I’m pretty sure Class of 2013 is doing a Support the Troops week for November, so I’m sure they will do something.


Mr. Blumenfeld: How many students logged their hours?


Mr. Jackson: I don’t know the number off the top of my head. I can look and email you.


Mr. Kugelmass: How much do you think this is going to cost beyond the $500 we have left over last year?


Mr. Jackson: On USG’s end, I don’t forsee anything else being used.


Ms. Kim: Can you give out the t-shirts as incentives?


Ms. Davoudiasl: We want to move away from it because there was a lot of confusion last year. We’ll give them to the top-winners, but we want to kill the t-shirts because they’re not sustainable in that way.


Mr. Easop: One thing I think is important, since this month is early in the year, I think we should have an action plan about how we’re going to follow up. We should do a community service showcase that highlights different Pace Center initiatives, and every month is a different theme. Is there any value in this?


Mr. Okuda-Lim: I like that. I also think a relationship between the USG and the Pace Center is really important.


Mr. Blumenfeld: I’m not a huge fan of this project, and I frankly think that Bruce’s idea is a much better one. When we already have so many service-oriented organizations, it seems contrived that we have this “one” month of service.


Mr. Stolzenberg: Is there a way to project your message?


Mr. Blumenfeld: I think Bruce’s suggestion is a great one.


Elections Packet Update


Mr. Dean: Thanks guys for having me back. I’m just here to propose three simple changes. First, I want to create internal hyperlinks to increase ease of navigations. Second, I want to amend section 8.4 add “campaign spending must not violate any pre-existing contracts and agreements with other or external parties.” My third proposal is about the discretion of the elections manager. If there is an explicit rule with an explicit penalty, I give the penalty. If there is an explicit rule without an explicit penalty violation. The manager cannot penalize something that isn’t explicitly mention


Mr. Blumenfeld: Why don’t you just go through and assess each penalty?


Mr. Dean: It’d be arbitrary since there isn’t any precedence for that. But that’s a discussion we should have. I think that’s simpler.


Mr. Dean: If in the future, something dodgy comes up but isn’t explicitly banned, I can’t penalize it.


Ms. Davoudiasl: What happens if something makes up some weird thing?


Mr. Kugelmass: This is good because this stops elections manager from making post-hoc decisions.


Mr. Blumenfeld: I’d like to move to approve all the changes together.


The motion passes.


Agenda Setting


Mr. Easop: Elan- do you have any sense of VP Davies of when she’s interested in setting up “testing”? Let’s talk about that something in the next two senate meetings.


Mr. Wagstaff: I can do presentation on Deans Date if you want to discuss.


Ms. Mancenon: I’d like to do a presentation on Resterauant Weeks.


Mr. Blumenfeld: We can do a feedback on Project 2017.


Mr. Riley: Do we want to talk about a trip to Yale?


Dean Dunne: Last time we did this was in 2006. I don’t know how it was paid for, but we can have that information. We have to figure out if it’s completely free or partially paid for by participants. Also, we need to ensure that people who pay for buses actually go.


Ms. Wiley: I think Shirley should subsidize it. I mean, it’s her last year, she should be feeling pretty YOLO right now.


Mr. Rajagopalan: It’s a pretty easy weekend for people to go though.


Mr. Wagstaff: I think we should have a minimal reservation fee.


Mr. Kugelmass: Our goal should be to make it free for all students. We should have deposits that are refunded.


Mr. Rajagopalan: Class governments are also looking into it.


Dean Dunne: We could also communicate with Yale to see if there is anything we should tailgate-wise?


Ms. Shen: Could we do two options? People who want to go to tailgates and people who don’t.


Dean Dunne: Last time, we had a silent study bus. Last time, we struggled with popularity, and so we wonder where to roll in with 11 buses…


Mr. Easop: We need to do a funding request for the Sunday after Fall Break.


Mr. Easop: I may have a couple of funding requests.


Kevin: Let’s give out white boards to spell out a word.


Ms. Wiley: I want to present on my Career Services letter.


Mr. Cook: SCAI, for real this time.



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