Dean’s Date, Tiger Universe Promo, + USG Movie!

Hi Tigers,
1. Dean’s Date with Basshunter!   2. Tiger Universe Events   3. Long Beds Update  
4. USG Movie   5. No Intersession Buses 

1. Dean’s Date Surprise! 

Free food and giveaways remain at 5pm, but the USG Social Committee wanted to give you a little something extra later that night…
All you need to know:
2. Tiger Universe Promo Events!

Come cheer on Tiger Athletics teams with big home games this weekend!

  • Friday January 11th Men’s Hockey vs Union at Baker Rink at 7:30 pm: Broadcast on NBC Sports!
    • Come hear the Princeton Katzenjammers sing the national anthem at 7:20 pm right before the game
    • Facebook Event Here!
  • Saturday Jan 12th Princeton Basketball teams host doubleheader vs. Penn to open the Ivy League season at Jadwin Gym:
    • The women’s game starts at 3:30 pm with the men’s game following at 6 pm live on the NBC Sports Network.
    • Come be a part of the Jadwin Jungle student section and get your Jadwin Jungle t-shirt provided by Tiger Universe and swipe in using your prox at the Tiger Universe table to earn 5 pts to start your semester. T-shirts will be given out starting at 5:30pm to the first 180 students! (More info on the points system to come!)
    • Check out the t-shirt here:
  • Sunday Jan 13thPrinceton Squash vs Harvard at Jadwin Gym C-Floor:
    • Women start at 12 o’clock and Harvard is ranked #1 so it’s big match. The men begin at 2:30pm, so show up around then and find a seat, because it will be a wild afternoon.
    • Facebook Event Here!

Deck out in Orange and Black and see you at the games!! Go Tigers! For More

3. Long Bed Update
I’m happy to report a number of people have already taken advantage of the opportunity to request extra long beds! For future bed requests, please call Building Services at (908) 258-3490.
Note: There is a limited supply of 84″ beds, so if you cannot be accommodated
           for next semester, they will be fielding requests again in the fall!
4. USG Movie
This week’s free USG Movie is Cloud Atlas.
Where: The Garden Theater
When: Thursday-Saturday at 11:30pm
Why: Free Popcorn and Soda!
Never miss a movie: Check Facebook page or click the USG Movies button on!
5. No Intersession Buses
Please note USG will not be hosting buses over intersession. We have not had success in the past because various exam schedules make it difficult to get enough interest at any one time. If you would like us to reconsider the breaks for which buses are available, please send a suggestion on our website ( This will be really valuable information for the next administration!
1 reply
  1. Jeremy
    Jeremy says:

    While I’m definitely a huge fan of the buses, I recognize that it’s often difficult to get a large enough group together willing to leave at any one time. For Thanksgiving though, I strongly feel that the USG ought to schedule a bus (I’m speaking about my own experience which is the DC bus — we’ve usually got two) that leaves later on Wednesday to allow students to not have to make the difficult choice between what could be over $100 and missing multiple classes. While I understand some students may be willing to skip their classes and leave at 9am (or whenever the buses have left in years past), I very much think that there would be enough demand for at least one bus that left at a later time. While ideally it’d leave at something like 5pm, I realize traffic might be worse then; still, even sometime in the middle would be an improvement.
    I also think it would be worth a shot to try to have buses even on occasions such as fall break or before intersession. Just offer one or two options — say one Thursday afternoon and maybe one Friday morning — and see if there’s interest. I recognize this may require advanced planning and is somewhat difficult to sort out logistically, but I think it can be done without too much hassle on the USG’s end, and could potentially save students (collectively) thousands of dollars, making the large number of breaks Princeton has much more “doable” for the student body at large.
    Thanks for considering this,
    Jeremy Rosenthal


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