Apply for USG Appointed Positions by Jan 3rd at 5pm!

Hi Tigers
On behalf of Shawon, USG’s president-elect, I’m pleased to announce that USG is now accepting applications for its appointed positions for 2013-2014!

Why Apply?
This is a chance to see the inner workings of USG, and most importantly, serve your peers in a great capacity. I started in an appointed position myself! In USG I’ve learned how to:
  • Manage a Team
  • Create and Meet a Budget
  • Problem-Solve with a Deadline
  • And much more you don’t get in the classroom

Plus, Shawon and Carmina are two of the most creative, energetic, and hard-working people I’ve met, so I know you will enjoy being a part of this team!

What Positions?
There are 7 appointed positions available – everything from project managing to directing USG communications. See the full list here.

How Do I Apply?
You can apply for up to 3 positions, and the deadline to apply is next Thursday, January 3rd at 5 pm EST.  Finalists will be interviewed on January 7th and 8th. Those selected for a position will have to attend a mandatory USG retreat on January 9th.

So don’t wait any longer: Go ahead and apply now! 

If you have any questions, email Shawon (shawonj@) or Carmina (mancenon@), and they’ll be glad to help.

Enjoy the rest of your winter break and have a Happy New Year!
From your USG

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