Meeting Minutes for November 04, 2012

Meeting Minutes

November 04, 2012



Mr. Stolzenberg: Welcome back! Can everyone look at Bruce’s beard and smile?


Mr. Easop: Okay. I hope everyone made it through Sandy safely, with hopefully heat and food for part of the time. Welcome back to campus! So a lot of stuff is going on this week; we have an elections update since registration is happening this week. We’ll also hear about running buses up to Yale for the football game on November 10. Also, looking ahead, start spreading the word that on November 12 at the CPUC meeting the presidential search committee and priorities committee is looking for feedback.


Mr. Martens: We have some strangers here.


Mr. Stolzenberg: Please identify yourself.


Ms. Shen: Cameron is subbing for Elektra. Chad is the GSG President.


Mr. Easop: Do we have a motion to approve the minutes?


The motion passes.


Elections Update


Mr. Dean: Hi everyone. Just a quick hello from me, because we’re at that time of year again when a bunch of you will be running for re-election, replaced by successors, or running for different positions. Most of Ex-com and senators are up for grabs. Open houses are happening next Thursday and Friday. If any of the seniors are free to say hi to potential candidates, that’d be great. The schedule is on the back of the handout just for reference. Do you have any questions?


Ms. Shen: Do you have the numbers we asked for earlier?


Mr. Dean: Yeah, I can talk to you about that.


Mr. Easop: Look out for my email tomorrow around noon to get things starting.


Restaurant Week Update


Ms. Mancenon: So, the USG CCA committee has been working with the GSG to introduce Resterauant Week. Over the past few weeks, we’ve been reaching out to students.


Mr. Maisel: I’m the GSG President, and I’m a second-year. I grew up in Princeton and was always shocked that students rarely went into town for food. So I’m really interested in Resteraunt Week, and we’ve been meeting a lot and planning, and hopefully we are launching tomorrow.


Ms. Shen: Next week, starting Sunday evening at dinner, you can show up with your Prox at one of 10 restaurants (and they are higher end). For $25, you can get an appetizer, entre, and dessert. They are limiting spots for students, but you should call in ahead to reserve a spot. Do you have any questions about reservations? If not, we’d like to show you the website.


Ms. Mancenon: Austin Jackson has been working on this website, which students can check out and see our Youtube, Facebook, everything. Each restaurant has provided us with menu list, and then there is also information about how to make reservations. This website really consolidates all the information about the week.


Ms. Shen: It’s because there is already a Princeton Restaurant Week. But we get to say that this is the first ever one!!


Ms. Davoudiasl: Are you limited to just one day?


Ms. Shen: No, every night is an option!


Mr. Blumenfeld: Why are you only announcing this tomorrow? Wouldn’t people be interested in planning in advance?


Ms. Mancenon: We did think about this, but it’s difficult to coordinate a lot of the restaurants.


Mr. Blumenfeld: What, if any kind of data, are you going to be collecting on this?


Ms. Mancenon: We’ll follow up with each of the restaurants; some of them even have a specific reservation link, so we can look at those numbers.


Ms. Shen: In the future, we want to have a system of reserving tables so we can put in all the demographics we want.


Princeton 2017 Update


Mr. Blumenfeld: So I’m here to give you an update on where we are so far. We have enough ideas so we can get your feedback, but we’re not committed enough to not be able to adapt accordingly. We’ve thought about going through this in 3 different ways. The first is any updates to the current site. The second is any additional features we want to add that are new (for example, some new content areas like student groups, mentorship, dining options after first year, etc. and a vlog with accompanying testimonials). And the last is publicity, maybe through a Facebook group, links on other relevant pages, and a launch at Preview with the event.


Mr. Rajagopalan: Who’s going to continue this project?


Mr. Blumenfeld: We’re in the process of brainstorming this.


Ms. Shen: Does this include getting the freshman senators on board?


Mr. Blumenfeld: Yes!


Ms. Shen: Lily and I tried really hard to push the group  at the activities fair and the usg open house event (we had these little squares of paper with the address that we handed out to everyone we saw), but that was far less effective than the emails that were sent out by admissions/Bruce. Probably because people are already sitting down at their computer and have time to check it out when they see that email, whereas if you get a slip of paper at preview it’ll just get lost in your bag and forgotten about.


Mr. Easop: In terms of the Q&As, if you’re looking to do them live, then you should—people can type in a question and people can answer it through video.


Mr. Stolzenberg: This has to be funneled through you, Katherine, and Paul.


Buses to Yale


Mr. Wagstaff: So Deana and I have been asked to talk about this, but many USG members have been working on this. There is a game coming up at Yale, and if we win, we get a bonfire! It’s probably the first and last time this will happen…judging by the track record. The question is how to make this easy and accessible to students. The bus system put in place originally cost $35 for students, but thanks to the generosity of many people (including hopefully us), it should be $10. The package includes the ticket, the bus, and a t-shirt.


Ms. Davoudiasl: Right now we have 10 buses reserved. I think Joe Ramirez worked out a mass purchased with Yale. ODUS took care of the t-shirts. We’re proposing that the USG contribute $3000


Mr. Rajagopalan: Last time we did this, we contributed $2750.


Mr. Wagstaff: We should thank everyone who has contributed to this process.


Ms. Davoudiasl: Because of the upcoming Orgo exam, there are quiet buses, and we’re even looking to bringing an Orgo TA on the bus!!


Mr. Easop: One of the questions that class governments had is if there was a way to have a class specific bus. This makes it difficult in terms of tickets—so we suggested that the class governments send an email to their class asking them to meet and board at a certain time.


Mr. Sharp: Was the goal class camaraderie?


Mr. Easop: I think that was the goal, but at the same time, we want this to be efficient at 7AM.  One last thing is comparing this with past events. Last time this happened was in 2006, and the athletics department is a new source of funding, so there is strong support for this event. I think it’d be great to show support.


Mr. Kugelmass: What happens if we get fewer than 550 students?


Mr. Rajagopalan: Buses, and game tickets are a flexible cost. Only t-shirts are the cost.


Ms. Shen: You can’t buy a t-shirt and ticket, and no bus?


Mr. Easop: No, it’s a package.


Ms. Shen: Everyone should read the tradition of the bonfire—it’s really cool.


Ms. Davoudiasl moves to approve the funding. The motion passes 23 For, 0 against, 0 abstentions.


Sexual Culture Awareness Initiative


Mr. Cook: We’re SCAI, aka Scai, aaka Sky. My fellow sky-divers are Andrew, Sarah, and Charissa. Think Harvard Yale Sex-Week but not about Sex…and also, not a week. Let me explain. The handout is pretty detailed so I’m going to highlight certain things. We want to start in a week or two and culminate on Valentine’s Day. It’s going to happen everywhere. It’s not a week of speakers events, but very organic and meshes well with life. Check out this list of ideas. I want to stress that this is a partial and tentative list, but I want to emphasize the video series and the last item on the list: we want to revive the discussion about a social honor code. It’s a ton of little fun awareness campaigns with a few serious issues. We just want to send a message of respect. Tagline: You can hold hands with someone and still be mean about it. Our main goal is to make people question what they do with their bodies—we want to get a conversation going. We do not want to spend a lot of money—we want it to be as high-impact, low-budget as possible.


Ms. Davoudiasl: What was the motivation? Did you see the need for this?


Mr. Cook: This came out talks I had with the administrative head of SHARE.


Mr. Okuda-Lim: If the goal is conversation about sexual culture, how would you measure success?


Mr. Cook: Feedback mechanics are up in the air, but we can all gage buzz on campus, so we’ll notice. We’re also thinking of having a suggestion box.


Ms. Shen: There would be feedback on the website; if we do activities on tanks, etc. But this is mostly to encourage conservation.


Mr. Jackson: How do you plan to maintain this over break?


Ms. Wiley: Have sex.


Ms. Shen: The timeline is still up in the air. But we have time from now until Valentine’s Day.


Mr. Cook: We have the whole video series—why not do that over Thanksgiving?


Ms. Kim: I think this is a wonderful project, but I’m having difficultly connecting the actions with the goals. This seems to be like “discussion of a means of getting somewhere” but what is the goal of discussion? Because  “discussion” isn’t a concrete goal.


Mr. Cook: We think this discussion hasn’t occurred and needs to occur.


Ms. Shen: Normally you discuss something to have an end result—but the beauty of this project is that discussion IS the end result. We are giving people a framework of this, for example, conveying respect through the posters and videos. But we’re encourage people to get to that point themselves.


Mr. Stolzenberg: What’s the social honor code?


Mr. Cook: I’ve talked to Amy Campbell about this, but need more information.


Mr. Stolzenberg: Look it up


Agenda Setting


Mr. Okuda-Lim: Follow up after the CPUC meeting.


Mr. Sharp: The bike rack was supposed to be installed over fall break, but seeing as the sky was falling it had to be postponed. I’ll get you an update by next week. ”


Ms. Davoudiasl: Can we do a recap of the buses?


Mr. Easop: I’m not sure we’ll have the numbers by then…


Mr. Easop: One question for John and Steven—Do you think having an update on ALTA is possible?


Mr. Rosen: We’ll do that in Executive Session.


Ms. Kim: Lights on McCosh walk.


Mr. Wagstaff: A small thing on the thing we’re announcing tomorrow.


Ms. Davoudaisl: Has Julian talked about how to improve voter turnout, etc? Or has the boat sailed.


Mr. Martens: The ship.


Mr. Easop: Haebin- can you do an update on the food committee? And Elan- have you heard from VP Davies? Benny- do you want to talk about Deans Date?

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