Projects Board

Welcome to the Projects Board Application! Projects Board is one of the primary funders for all campus events and activities initiated by student groups having “541 accounts” recognized by the Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Students (ODUS) and the USG. The Board also acts as an expert advisor to organizations and their leaders as they plan events, work towards self-sustainability, and engage their members.

PBoard meets every Thursday at 4:30pm to 7:30pm. Applications are due Mondays by 11:59 pm. A Projects Board member will look over the application on Tuesday, and meeting times open up on the WASS calendar on Wednesday at 12:00 am. Groups have until an hour before the meeting to sign up for a slot, but they start filling up quickly so it’s suggested that you sign up on Wednesday. Please contact or any of the co-chairs with any additional questions.

How does this work?

  1. Submit your application via our Quickbase page – instructions below.
  2. A PBoard member will be in touch regarding your application. This member will be your main point of contact with the Board and will work with you to ensure your application meets our basic requirements.
  3. Once your Board point of contact deems your application viable for consideration, you will recieve an email with instructions for signing up for a meeting with the Board. The Board meets between 4:30 and 7:30 on Thursdays in the Campus Club library.

How do you submit an application online?
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  1. Go to our Quickbase page.
  2. Enter “” as your email address and “pboard1234” as your password (both without quotes).
  3. Click on the “Groups & Events” application.
  4. Use the buttons along the top of the page to fill out your application.
  5. Click “Save” to submit your application.

It is best to complete the application in one sitting, as you cannot save and come back to it. [/EXPAND]

Now that you’re registered, what can you do to prepare for your Projects Board presentation?
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The best way to prepare for the Projects Board meeting is to be knowledgeable of the event. Many groups will bring in a one-sheet budget (just like the one you filled out on the web) and use that a guideline. You want to be able to tell us why you spent your money in the way your did. For example, if you bought food from Olives, it is pretty self-explanatory. But if you are buying card stock, you want to tell us that you are sending out invitations or making table tents to advertise your event. The key for having good meetings is being prepared. If you know the details of your project and budget, all questions directed to you will be easy to answer. The members of the Projects Board are not out to “stump” you on questions. We run on a very tight budget (so does Dean Dunne) and we want to make sure that there is enough money to go around.

Format of “Presentations”

The presentations are actually not “true” presentations – they are more like “discussions.”

  1. Describe your event.
  2. Tell us about the goals/objectives/mission of the event.
  3. Go briefly over the budget. If there are changes, please note them now.
  4. The Board will ask you questions regarding the budget. If there are discrepancies in the budget, the Board will make suggestions. You can accept the suggestions or decline them. The ultimately goal of this process is to get a reasonable idea of how much your group will need to fund this event. Click here to see profiles of the current Board.


How does Projects Board determine your funding? 
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The deliberations of the Projects Board are closed session because we need to keep the confidentiality of our decisions. The members of the Projects Board will evaluate the merits of your project on the following criteria (in no particular order).

  • Size and Diversity of Attendance
  • Evidence of Outside Fundraising Efforts
  • Size of Current West College Account Balance
  • Cost-Effectiveness of Project Budget
  • Rest of Semester Costs that cannot be covered by Projects Board Funds
  • Quality of Responses Given During the Meeting


We look forward to helping you fund your events!

Your 2012-2013 Co-Chairs: Deesha Sarma ’13, Jack Ching ’13 & Jared Peterson ’14