Projects Board

Welcome to the USG Projects Board’s webpage!

PBoard is the main funding source for all ODUS, ORL and PACE center groups on campus. However, PBoard wears many hats – we’re also event planners and advisors to the groups who apply. PBoard funds events as small as study breaks and as large as multi-day conferences, and everything in between.

Groups applying to PBoard are encouraged start planning their event in advance, and to reach out to us beforehand for advice on all aspects of the event – brainstorming, publicizing, efficient budgeting, organizing venues, or anything else involved in making an event happen on campus. The co-chairs can be reached at [email protected] with questions, comments, or suggestions.

 The Application

Once groups have put together their event plan, they apply for funding through SAFE. Applications are due on Monday at 11:59pm before each Thursday meeting.

Please prepare the following before filling out the application:

1. Group name & account number

2. Event description

3. An itemized budget

4. Funding from other sources (both applied for & received)

5. Expected attendance

6. Event location

7. Any other information you believe might be relevant to our decision

The Project Board’s WASS calendar opens up at 12:01am on Wednesday for that week’s meeting. Meetings length varies depending on the number of applicants in a given week, but usually run until at least 6:30, and may go longer if there are many applications.

The Interview

Interviews are a two-way conversation between your organization and the Board. Please send a representative(s) from your organization who is knowledgeable about the budget breakdown and specific event details.

During the interview, we would like to hear about your publicity strategy, expected attendance and a recap of the event if you have held it before, with or without Projects Board funding. Most importantly, explain your event’s significance. Why do we need it to happen on our campus? What will you be trying to accomplish? We may provide recommendations for you to reduce costs or improve the event.

Decisions & Funding

Decisions on project grants are typically released within a few hours of the interviews. The Projects Board distributes funds from many sources, including ODUS, the Office of the Vice President of Campus Life, and the USG itself.

Should we vote to allocate over $1,000 of the USG’s funds to your event, we must get approval from the USG Senate, which meets most Sunday evenings at 7:30pm in Frist. Applicants are encouraged to join us at the meetings to answer any further questions the Senate may have for us about their events.

We may be reached at [email protected] with questions, comments, or suggestions. We’re looking forward to hearing your proposals!

Carolyn, Tyler, Lena, Paul, Hannah, Naman, Austin and Kaijia